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Our range of products includes designer frames, low budget frames, spectacle lenses, OPTICOM color and clear lenses for cosmesis and corrective purposes. We also stock OPTICOM Iris (masking) contact lenses for patients with corneal opacity. In addition to the foregoing, you can get from us medications for the eye, special eye supplements, DEWDROPS contact lens rewetting drops and REFRESH multipurpose contact lens solutions. Our REFRESH solution comes in 3 sizes; 60ml, 120ml and 360ml.

We have over 30 OPTICOM color varieties in our stock of cosmetic contact lenses. Color prescription contact lenses comes in the following color varieties:  Hazel, Sugar grey, Premium brown, Ocean blue, Ever green, Hazel, Sweety violet and Sugar grey.

Please note that OPTICOM contact lenses are strictly daily wear frequent replacement lenses that can be used for between 3 and 6 months.

Our clear lens prescriptions are from +0.50 to +15.00 and from -0.50 to -15.00. Our prescription color lenses are from -0.50 to -6.00. We stock up to -9.00 in hazel and sugar grey.

Our prices are as follows:

  • 60ml REFRESH solution - N900/bottle
  • 120ml REFRESH solution - N1400/bottle
  • 360ml REFRESH solution - N2800/bottle

OPTICOM contacts go for N3500/pair, while OPTICOM clear contact lenses are sold for N3200/pair. However, discounts apply when you purchase more than one pair of OPTICOM contact lenses or more than one bottle of 360ml REFRESH solution.