Providing best quality Eye Care Services and products within the Optometric practice framework to the greatest number of people at the most affordable prices.


Identifying neighborhoods and communities with significant Eye Care needs and situating Eye Care facilities within those neighborhoods and communities.

Dayspring Eye Clinic began on April 1st 1993 as a small neighborhood eye care center in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Our primary goal was to offer best quality eye care services at the most affordable prices to our immediate community. Over the years, Dayspring Eye Clinic has grown into six (6) Eye Care centers managed by Board certified Doctors of Optometry

In addition to our full range of eye care services, we also offer high quality products which include spectacle frames and lenses, OPTICOM colored and clear contact lenses, DEWDROPS rewetting drops, OPTICOM Iris (masking) lenses and REFRESH multipurpose solution. The OPTICOM, DEWDROPS and REFRESH brands are produced exclusively for Dayspring Eye Clinic.